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When your ready to make a change, I would love to be your guide through your family's sleep journey.

Sleep, just like eating is necessary for survival. When people eat an unhealthy diet, they become malnourished and their body suffers. The same is true for people with unhealthy sleeping habits. Lack of sleep causes them to become mentally malnourished and starves us of the energy we need to be happy and well adjusted.


Sleep is undeniably important not only for your child but for you and the whole family. Sleep recharges the brain’s battery increases brainpower and keeps the mind alert and calm.

But there is good news... there is an easy solution!

Newborn Sleep Guide

Birth - 3 months

This Sleep Guide is prefect for parents of little ones less than 4 months old, or expecting a new baby. 


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37.00  CAD

Bean-to-Baby Package

4 months - 17 months

I'll show you proven tools and strategies you will need to teach your baby the skills to sleep independently.  With this package I will guide you step by step through your baby's sleep journey.

Little Munchkins Package

18 months - 6 years

As toddler discover their own independence, it’s common for them to test the boundaries in all areas of their life, but especially at bedtime. With this package I can help you get from where you are now to where you want to be.

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