Relaxation Exercises for kids

As a sleep consultant I talk to parents everyday who are telling me that your children are stressed and feeling anxiety.

Kids are feeling more and more pressure from all over, school, parents, social media, etc, and that was before a global pandemic was added which has flipped their entire world upside down.

Children often do know how to express their feelings or maybe don't know how to explain them. That can make helping them or comforting them difficult.

Many of my clients tell me that their child has been acting out or that the daycare is saying that their child is a lot to handle. I have even had clients who have told me that daycare and day homes have cancelled services with them because their child is "too much"!

Now, I can tell you, for a parent this is devastating to hear, it is also very unfair! Un-cooperative behavior in children is usually caused by their environment and not knowing how to express themselves in a healthy way.

Sometimes these issues are caused from being overtired. Overtiredness in children can present itself as hyperactive or manic behavior. Other things can be nutrition, school, friends or family issues, and then sometimes we just feel sad. Whatever it is that is causing the behavior is worth exploring.

I would like to share an relaxation exercise for you to try your child - it's simple and fun.

If you continue to struggle with uncooperative behavior, I can help. Book a FREE consultation with me at

Take Care and sleep well!

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