Identifying Your Childs Schedule

Is you baby or toddler not sleeping through the night? Is your little one fighting every nap?

Are you having a hard time figuring how to make some changes or where to start to get you Childs sleep schedule on track?

Identifying your child’s ideal schedule will help you to determine the times throughout the day and evening when your child could be staying awake too long and getting overtired or if your child is not having enough awake time between sleeping times that can cause shorts naps, cat naps, early morning wake ups, night wakings or troubles falling asleep at bedtime.

Recording these activities for a couple of days, at the end you will be able to see the ideal schedule for your child and this will help you develop a sleep plan that best suits your little one.

If you find you are continuing to struggle to improve your little ones schedule book a consultation with me and I can help you to get things on track.

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