Consistency is Key

Consistency really is the key to changing any behavior, whether it be sleeping or discipline. Many of you might think that you are being consistent with sleep, but if you look closely, like when it’s 3 am and your child is up for the 3rd time that night and are so tired it is easy to sneak some inconsistencies in there.

The problem with lack of consistency is that it makes learning more difficult for our children. If you are not consistent with your actions, how is a child to know what to expect form one situation to the next or how to react.

In fact, when you are inconsistent children can actually start to sleep worse because this encourages them to persist even more to get what they want and what they want is for you to give in.

Being inconsistent isn’t fair to you or your child and causes confusion. If you are going to pick your little one up one night and not the next night, then your child doesn’t what to expect, therefore they will cry as children do until a parent comes to get them.

A crucial step to carry out any sleep strategies is whatever happens at one sleep situations needs to happen at all sleep situations so that you send a clear message to your child what is expected of them …and of course that is to sleep.

If you are planning to implement any new sleep strategies, consider these things:

  1. Make sure you are committed to change

  2. Make sure you have support system for yourself

  3. When things get tough, keep your end goal in mind

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